Website development process – how does it work?

Many website owners on the Internet, who tried to cope with their creation on their own, realized that the development of a high-quality Responsive Website Design, productive project requires professionalism. The need to contact specialists no longer needs special evidence. But some customers have doubts about the validity of the cost of this service, the duration of work on the resource. In order to get rid of them, GuruLabs studio invites you to consider the process of website development, the main stages of the birth of a new Internet resource.

Best Practices and Processes for Web Development | Joomla Geeks

Preparatory work

Consultation, exchange of information between the customer and the contractor We consider the wishes of the client, the prospects for the implementation of the project, the best options. The websites of competitors are analyzed.

Drawing up a conciliation document. The client receives a brief that contains the fundamental questions on the expected result. Detailed answers allow you to achieve full compliance with the wishes and requirements.

Detailed discussion of the project. Based on the information received from the client, the performer has his own proposals, options, ideas. All of them should be discussed in detail with the customer. This allows you to adjust the draft of the project, create a general idea of ​​the future resource.

Drawing up a commercial proposal. This document contains a detailed description of the site, what work will be carried out to achieve this goal, and tells about the technical functionality of the resource.

Conclusion of a contract. After discussing the commercial proposal, a service agreement is drawn up. It prescribes the entire scope of work, deadlines, cost.

Page design and prototypes

Design masters, guided by the technical specification, create a layout containing a general scheme of the future site. It will be filled with elements later, in the subsequent stages of the process. First, specialists develop several variants of concepts for presentation to the customer. Then the specialists will work with the version approved by the client.

website design and development process the w best website design process

Layout, programming

The process of developing a website is continued by layout specialists and programmers. The stage includes three processes:

  • Layout.
  • Functional formation.
  • Testing.

Layout designers code everything that was created by designers using CSS, HTML. The quality of the display, the process of loading the site depends on the professionalism of these specialists.

Filling, setting up and delivery

At the final stage, the site is filled and implemented. The development of a resource is considered complete after its placement on the network, ensuring accessibility for the owner, users. First, it is filled with animation, video, tables, pictures, content that can be provided by the customer or created by specialists. If the project has many pages, the process uses software products. All content is adjusted for high-quality display on any electronic devices.

The final stage includes several operations:

  • Final testing.
  • Transfer to hosting.
  • Domain connection.

Now the new member of the network is ready to work, you can use its functionality to the fullest, at a unique address you can find it on the Internet. The completion of the workflow, cooperation between the contractors and the customer is the delivery of the project.

Benefits of professional website development

The advantage of website development by qualified specialists lies in the quality of the result, the productivity of the resource. 

Masters who know all modern technologies, especially the requirements of search engines, behavioral models of users:

  • Choose the type of site wisely.
  • They create a high-quality semantic core.
  • Develop an attractive design.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of search engines.
  • They form a solid functional.

Such a resource provides the owner with the opportunity to fully use all the tools for development, promotion, and guarantees convenience to users.

Website development process – how does it work?

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