Current scenario of marketing industry after the outburst of pandemic

The sudden outburst of the pandemic has put the whole world to halt, marketing is no exception. People around the globe are staying indoors which compelled the marketing world to withhold the digital advertising malaysia marketing budgets spent annually on traditional marketing methods. Taking decisions in these unpredictable times becomes a quite challenging task for businesses. 

Challenges of the pandemic on the marketing industry

  • The pandemic is forcing businesses to overcome challenges in digitizing businesses and compelling the marketing world to adopt digital marketing to stay competitive in the market. Creating trust by serving online is a great challenge for companies.
  • The pandemic even posed a greater challenge to face to face businesses and for small startups that run mostly through word of mouth.
  • Also, working from remote locations can pose challenges like ineffective internal communications and teamwork, thus it is important to stay updated on technologies that can serve the purpose.

How can businesses make use of these tough times? 

It’s time to rethink and discover innovative ways to digitize businesses.

  • Companies need to come up with innovative digital marketing strategies to survive in the ocean of competitors and in positioning themselves until everything gets back to normal.
  • These digital transitions can be an add-on to the company’s business after things get back to normal.
  • This is the best time to innovate and revise digital marketing strategies as companies get enough time due to reduced traditional marketing and also reduced face to face customer services.
  • The budget allocated to marketing through traditional methods can now be strategically invested in digital marketing as people are mostly indoors and are relying upon web-based services.
  • Digital marketing can save time and cut down costs like travel, maintenance, etc for both employers and employees. 
  • Going digital can allow flexibility in working hours and working place for both employees and employers. 
  • Remote working tools are assisting companies in improving the flexibility of work.
  • Though digital marketing poses the threat of new entrants into the markets due to reduced barriers of entry, it can be the best time to position business among the audience as the traffic on the internet is higher than ever.
  • Holding the relations with existing customers without losing them and attracting new customers can now only be possible through innovative digital marketing strategies. Also, many advertising agencies are cutting costs by making digital advertising cheaper, thus businesses can use this opportunity to capture the hungry audience digitally.   


  • Companies need to explore the benefits of digital marketing and start making use of it for its future prosperity and differentiation from their competitors. Digital marketing strategies will also help businesses stay well prepared for the future.
  • With innovative and strategic investment in digital marketing companies can come out of this pandemic as stronger than ever.
  • Companies can convert these tough times into fruitful opportunities and can restart businesses with news energy and new ways of marketing. 
Is Covid-19 Compelling The Marketing World To Adopt Digital Marketing Strategies?

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